Sunday, February 14, 2010

Old paper mache projects and new directions

Here are more examples of past paper mache projects. I am thinking about these now because I am having my sculpture class start making animal "characters". No matter how serious and abstract my work gets I always keep returning to the silly and ridiculous. I don't believe in the zodiac horoscope crap, but I long ago noticed that I was a gemini and that I seem to often be pulled in two (or more) different directions.
This week I have researched more robotic stuff, ordered fine fabric fasteners, fired the two clay pieces pictured below and bought a quantity of reed and raffia ( to make some woven 3-D forms) as well as a soldering gun and station. I also took apart one of my old electric tooth brushes to see if I could turn it into a vibrating motor/apparatus for
a kinetic piece. Pam insists that I not solder in the house, so I guess I will be doing this at school until the weather warms up.

In light of the many different directions I am pulled in perhaps a better name for the blog should be "Gemini journeys" or something like that...Hmmm. I welcome suggestions.

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